The Art of Visuals


At one point, visuals were everything. A music video required a serious director, a story and something unique. Sadly, that art has been somewhat lost. Music videos have gone from major productions, to short films, to a series of random scenes. However, there are some (Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar being my personal favorites) who have continued to maintain their artistry from the studio to the video set.

Beyonce’s awe-inspiring visual albums and Kendrick’s thought-provoking videos are important because they incorporate classic art and inspire viewers to think and draw connections, all while maintaining entertainment value.

While everyone may not appreciate every Easter egg and all that goes into the production of a video such as that of ELEMENT., it’s still a breath of fresh air from the typical party and dance scenes that don’t have anything to offer viewers past face-value.

Of course Bey and Kendrick aren’t the only ones who have made videos with storylines in the past few years, but their quality is unmatched in many cases. From references, to production, to performance, these two have mastered videos in a way comparable to Missy Elliot or Micheal Jackson.

Each of the artists I’ve mentioned obviously has a very different style, and that’s the beauty of it. There is no one kind of good video. As long as the work is done, almost any storyboard can become a classic video– maybe even one made entirely of party and dance scenes.


Be the zeitgeist.

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