Absence or Abundance?


Most people, especially my mother, see my mainly black and white wardrobe as a deliberate lack of color, which is both right and wrong. To be honest, my inclination toward neutral tones began subconsciously.

I just found myself with bags full of black and white after every shopping trip until I decided to make the colors my signature. A signature I hope to eventually make so strong that I want people to notice when I wear anything red other than lipstick. No bright yellows, cool blues or vibrant pinks can be found in my closet.

But does omitting those hues really count as a lack of color? Literally, yes. To me, no. Technically, black is the absence of color and white is the combination of all colors visible to the human eye. Meaning that what hangs in my closet is the entire spectrum, filled to the brim with opportunity.

Where some may see lack, I see potential. I value manipulating the elements of design (shape, texture and color, but I tend to swap color for pattern), to turn the minimal into the extravagant. Having to create dimension every morning while getting dressed gives an inexplicable sense of individuality and power.

From the classic little black dress, to the bold white coat, I find something special about sticking to the (not so) basics. Signatures say a lot about someone: what they value, how they see themselves, how they want others to see them. For me, black and white speak to all of that, but for someone else, they may not say enough. That’s the beauty of fashion.


Be the zeitgeist.

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